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About The Author: I'm Nicco Salonga, currently a graphic specialist for IBM; I'm also a webcomic author, amateur writer, amateur game designer, storyteller, and fledgling student of the martial arts. I'm also interested in discussions about Martial Arts, RPG games, science, magic, metaphysics, the occult, history and world cultures. I know the very basics of Judo, Taekwondo, and Chi Kung, and am currently learning Wu style Tai Chi. You can email me at


The Cast:

Catherine "Cat" Hwang: She's your typical absent minded teenage girl who knows a secret kung fu style taught to her by her great grandfather. She's great at sports and is hopelessly attracted to John, the heir apparent to the kung fu school of a rival family.


Amelia "Amy" Lavelle: She's Cat's Best friend and oft ignored voice of reason. She's into history, literature, electronics, quantum physics, video games, and keeping Catherine out of trouble. Cat and Amy have known each other for quite some time and somehow get along despite completely different interests.


John Long: He's the most popular boy in class, doesn't know it and could hardly care less. What's important to him is that he's on a secret quest to restore his family's honor. He views the world in overly idealized terms and is dense as heck.


Hwang Lao Hu: Cat's Great Grandpa, Hwang Lao Hu was born in 1912 in Guangdong but spent most of his early teenage years in Hong Kong. He first learned kung fu from his uncle and decided to travel China and then the world in order to improve his art after being kicked out of at least 2 martial art schools for being a troublemaker. His name is registered in the United States as Tiger Hwang due to a misunderstanding during naturalization.


Long Ying Zhao: John's Great Grandfather who sent his grandson to the United States to have a great grandson that can restore his family's honor and his school's tarnished reputation by defeating the great grandson of the only man to have defeated him in battle.


Mr and Mrs Hwang: He's the head and owner of a high level security services and consultancy firm. She's an ER surgeon. They met when he was wheeled into the emergency room, fell in love and now live happily married in a big house with Mr. Hwang's grandfather and Catherine, their only daughter.



Rodney and Martin: Two well-meaning delinquents who will play a greater part in the story as it unfolds


Clair: Cat and Amy's artistic friend who will figure more prominently in future installments.


This Girl:I haven't even named her yet but I plan to make her Cat's rival... That is, she likes John too.