Please do not attempt to perform the martial arts techniques or other dangerous stunts you see in this comic!!!

While I have no intention of turning this comic into a brutal celebration of carnage, it will be a comic about martial arts. As such, the comic will unavoidably contain quite a bit of fighting and quite a few crazy stunts. Please refrain from trying them unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing and are willing to take responsibility for your own actions. Know that I won't be liable for any sort of damage caused by trying these things. I will also very probably be in another country when this happens.

Do not try to perform martial arts without the supervision and consent of a qualified martial arts instructor. It's possible that you might hurt yourself, hurt someone else, or worse, fail to hurt someone else and then get hurt really really badly by that person. Stunts are for stuntmen. If you are a stuntman... well... be careful.

Also, avoid solving problems with violence. It's bad for the health. Conserve Energy! Eat your vegetables! And don't do drugs! Drugs are for addicts!



Survive to become the next martial arts phenomenon.

1. Choose a good instructor: A good instructor makes sure that the lessons match the capabilities of the student. It's one thing to ask a trained student to break an iron bar on his head and another to to break a bar on the head of an undisciplined newbie. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it can also be dangerous to be neglected in class by a lax instructor and to think you know martial arts when you actually don't. Make sure your instructor is the real thing and you usually won't have to worry about much else.

2. Make sure you can survive basic training: If you think you might have a medical condition that may potentially cause problems during martial arts class, check things out with a physician before trying anything. Let your instructor know as well so he won't accidentally kill you with basic warm ups.

3. Look the part: Yes, that's right, dress like a martial artist. That is, wear clothing that wont hinder your movements and take off anything hard or sharp from your person such as rings, watches or jewelry. Clear your pockets as well. Those little things can actually cause huge wounds in a fight.

4. Don't eat just before you train: Doctors recommend we don't eat within 2 hours before any strenuous athletic activity. Supposedly, you could get muscle cramps, diarrhea or worse that way. If you must eat, eat light.

5, Warm up: It's not good to shock the human body with sudden strenuous activity from a state of rest. Be nice to your body. How would you like it if your body shocked you with sudden strenuous activity from a state of rest?... Wait... That isn't quite right.

6. Obey your instructor: If your instructor tells you not to use a fancy advanced technique, then don't. If you are told to wear dinky looking protective gear, wear it. Your instructor is looking out for you. If your instructor tells you to jump off a cliff you might want to go back to safety tip #1 though.

7. Pay attention: Don't amble about aimlessly in class, especially if people are sparring or performing some other training. Accidentally getting in the way of a kick or punch can happen if you are not careful. Also, you could be attacked by ninjas.

8. Know first aid or know who does: Ideally, everyone should know what to do in an emergency. This will rarely happen but every martial arts class should have at least 2 people who know first aid. Tough luck if you are the sensei's or sifu's only student. Know your emergency numbers.

9. Don't pick fights: It's uncool; it's disgraceful to your art; and as we all know, even if you win that fight, someone will eventually show up after weeks of training with twice your martial skill and kick your ass.

Have fun learning :)