The First Entry
by Meowaffles

As you can probably see, this site is still being made.

This is my first comic blog entry so I suppose I should introduce myself and explain what I'm making here.

I'm Meowaffles. My friends know me as Nicco, Rawr, Mawf and other odder nicknames. I get by making freelance graphic designs for a living, though I haven't gotten around to making a professional website for my work. I'll look into that some time.

Anyway, I came up with this comic idea maybe some 4 years ago but only started getting it down on paper about 2 months back. I'm happy enough that the wonders of the internet will allow me to share my work with anyone who cares to read it. I am only now getting it colored and uploaded online.

It's supposed to be a comedy comic about kung-fu, martial arts in general, school, friends, and chasing your dreams. Stories do have a way of doing their own thing, though, and I'd really rather just wait and see what nonsense my overactive imagination comes up with and put that down on paper.

I believe I am qualified to write a comic about martial arts because I have a black belt in my cabinet, made of leather, with a shiny metal buckle! I've also had years of experience challenging the students of various martial art disciplines for fun... and mostly being on the wrong end of many of their techniques.

Seriously though, I have had some actual martial arts training and great teachers but I'm not going to boast because there honestly isn't a lot to boast about. I can say at least that I've suffered no serious injuries and I actually did learn some things. I did okay I guess.

I'll get back to work now on the actual comic and site so you guys can get to reading it in the near future.