My Kung Fu is Better than Yours?
by Meowaffles

Writing this comic has made me learn more about kung fu than I ever thought I would. My first idea was that I'd try and make a comic featuring bizarre fictional yet practical martial art styles that are odd enough to be ridiculous but actually useable so that the comic could teach real martial artists a thing or two, or at least make them try out some funny new moves. Naturally I turned to the esoteric appeal of kung fu. I mean where else do you get stuff called Seven Star Mantis, Supreme Ultimate Fist, Buddha Family, & White Eyebrows?

Having watched a lot of kung fu movies and martial arts documentaries as well as having some background in judo, karate, taekwondo, and even chi kung; I thought I was fairly well informed. I believed I could use my current knowledge to make up complete kung fu styles, techniques, and forms that kung fu practitioners themselves would find believable. (Well believable if not for the name, concept, and origin story of the fictional style) I soon found that I barely knew anything about kung fu, applied martial arts techniques, or the world martial arts. I still know precious little but I began to look at the martial arts from a humbler and more open minded perspective.

I suppose having no greater motivation in my early martial arts training than to look cool and be like the karate kid didn't help much. I had good teachers but I was a soft kid and had neither the drive nor the maturity to get far in the martial arts. All I learned from my karate class was that it was painful. I at least learned how to fall and how to use my weight in judo. My taekwondo class was better and I stuck around longer but I still looked at some of it as a chore and was just learning it so I could do fancy moves (I never got to the fancy moves part). I also tried chi kung but also didn't get very far. I've certainly gained confidence, strength, and practical fighting skill I wouldn't have otherwise but my understanding of martial arts was still quite shallow.

I guess it's odd but the more I studied martial arts for a silly comic book, the more I appreciated what an amazing achievement they were. In trying to make characters that personified certain fictional styles of fighting, I was forced to break down the techniques, cultural background, and philosophy of real martial arts and look at all of them objectively.

I see now though that, no matter what I put in these pages, someone can always find a way to criticize the realism of the fictional styles I'll make. I'll just do what I can with what knowledge I have and see how far that takes me. Probably the best thing that's come of this comic so far is that it's given me the opportunity to study under an actual kung fu sifu. I'm taking things a step at a time, trying to cultivate the right attitude and trying to use what I've learned in the past without letting these get in the way of what I'm being taught. I'm starting with tai chi chuan and am learning it not so much for the comic but simply to improve myself and to gain greater understanding of the full whole art with all its symbolic, historical, cultural, and martial meaning.

Now my kung fu is better than it used to be... just a bit.

Time Space Warp!
by Meowaffles

Wow! I can't believe it's Friday already!

I honestly thought it was Thursday and was rushing to try and get 2 pages out for this comic at the same time. (So I could upload them tomorrow) Seeing as it's really Friday evening over here I've just uploaded the finished page I have and I guess I'll upload this one that I'm currently working on sometime next week. I'm trying to work my way up to 2 pages a week but don't want to make any promises until I can continuously do so.

I'll likely be able to do that next week unless my upcoming client buries me with work. (I'll make sure to upload a page a week even if this is so)

On the topic of time though, I hope I'm not boring everyone with the pace of my comic. The pacing's fine on paper but I guess it feels slow to me on the upload-each-week basis. (Again, I'll be working to speed that up).

On the topic of boring everyone, I wonder who actually reads my blog. I don't make it a point to read webcomic blogs or any blogs and have only done so sparingly but I have, on occassion, been pleasantly surprised by some of them. Some people just have these amazing insights or fun stories to tell. Of course I don't really expect many people to read my blog nor am I even really hoping a lot of people do so. (I'll hope for that when I write something that'll really move people, make them laugh, or make them think.) I know that at least my mom will read my blog. (Hi mom!) I'm really just curious about what people who I'll probably never meet actually think about it. I guess it's fine to wonder since Curiosity Cured the Cat!... or not.

Tai Chi Lessons
by Meowaffles

Hello once more and welcome once again to my webcomic blog.

I've been pretty busy with freelance work this week but I have managed to work on the webcomic and plan to regularly upload at least one page (maybe more) once a week around Friday-ish (Philippine Time). Not much longer now. I'll follow a more proper schedule when my schedule becomes more proper :)

Anyway, I'd just like to tell everyone that I'm now learning Tai Chi!

You can't imagine how difficult it is to find a good instructor who knows actual tai-chi & other kung-fu and will teach the real thing. I just happened to be fortunate enough to know one of his students, who was amused enough by my comic to decide I should learn kung-fu. Don't expect to find odd secret techniques in my comic though. I'm making up a few fictional kung-fu styles for fun... so don't try them without supervision from an actual martial arts instructor. You'll just look silly.

So now I'm studying Tai Chi in a small class of 4 students weekly and already have "homework" for next week. It's been over 24 hours since that class and my legs are starting to feel more normal and less like I'd spent a day swimming. I now know some stances; that they exist, what they are supposed to look like, and how to make mine eventually look like what they are supposed to look like; and how to breathe properly. You'd be surprised how often people hold their breath when exerting themselves. Needless to say, I felt like I was a large rock or an oversized slab of ham throughout most of the lessons.

For now, I'll be off to pursue my dream of becoming a kung-fu master so I can challenge the old kung-fu masters in the mountains of northern China... rather, I'll continue scanning and coloring my comic so you guys can read it.

The First Entry
by Meowaffles

As you can probably see, this site is still being made.

This is my first comic blog entry so I suppose I should introduce myself and explain what I'm making here.

I'm Meowaffles. My friends know me as Nicco, Rawr, Mawf and other odder nicknames. I get by making freelance graphic designs for a living, though I haven't gotten around to making a professional website for my work. I'll look into that some time.

Anyway, I came up with this comic idea maybe some 4 years ago but only started getting it down on paper about 2 months back. I'm happy enough that the wonders of the internet will allow me to share my work with anyone who cares to read it. I am only now getting it colored and uploaded online.

It's supposed to be a comedy comic about kung-fu, martial arts in general, school, friends, and chasing your dreams. Stories do have a way of doing their own thing, though, and I'd really rather just wait and see what nonsense my overactive imagination comes up with and put that down on paper.

I believe I am qualified to write a comic about martial arts because I have a black belt in my cabinet, made of leather, with a shiny metal buckle! I've also had years of experience challenging the students of various martial art disciplines for fun... and mostly being on the wrong end of many of their techniques.

Seriously though, I have had some actual martial arts training and great teachers but I'm not going to boast because there honestly isn't a lot to boast about. I can say at least that I've suffered no serious injuries and I actually did learn some things. I did okay I guess.

I'll get back to work now on the actual comic and site so you guys can get to reading it in the near future.