Finally Some Progress
by Meowaffles

Hurrah! My sifu has finally decided I'm more or less ready to learn part 2 of the wu tai chi chuan form. While it's just something like step 8 to 14 out of 108, I'm pretty happy about my progress so far and hope to make even greater progress with constant practice.

I'm currently being taught the applications of the art as we go along. I've trained in the basics of different martial arts and far, as I can see, I'm learning no nonsense practical martial arts in a mostly traditional manner. I have a great teacher and I'm really learning a lot.

I'm beginning to understand how the art was constructed and know for certain that I'm getting to the heart of the form and not just some showy thing that looks good on TV. It's too bad I can't teach just anyone what I'm discovering.

Aside from being impossible to teach on a blog (Even watching a master performing the form won't teach you much by itself) it's improper to give the secrets of the school away to the public. I suppose there are very practical reasons for this, including keeping these secrets from rival schools and out of the hands of potentially dangerous individuals.

In any case, my next blog entry will be about more basic things that I can actually explain to people, things that should probably be common knowledge among martial artists.

What's Been Happening So Far
by Meowaffles

Looks like I might be changing internet service providers soon. I don't currently have internet at home and my last provider's been pretty unreliable as of late. That's pretty much the technical difficulty I had.

As for the comic itself, the current chapter has a few pages of flashback but it'll soon tie in to Catherine's current story. I hope no one's too bothered by that. Oh and there'll also be a kung fu battle in the flashback... because every chapter has to have a kung fu battle.

On other matters, my sifu has finally shown me the combat applications of the first seven steps of wu taichi. It's really not like the tai chi that I'm familiar with from cinema. It feels a bit less like flowing water and more like a series of levers, wedges, and clamps directed at the opponent. I promised my mom I'd send her a video of it when I finish learning the 108 step form. At this rate I think I'll make the video when I'm able to do the 1st seven or fourteen steps of it without error.

I'm also currently looking into getting back into corporate work as a graphic artist. Freelancing is nice in some respects but also pretty tough. I found an interesting set of openings in my area including educational materials layouter in a culinary school, 2d artist for a video game company, and graphic artist for a software company. Good luck to me. Oh, and yes, I still plan to continue the comic regardless of what sort of work I get.

I have all sorts of other plans, like visiting relatives and friends abroad, but I'll take things one step at a time. For now I'm just wondering what I should do for April Fool's Day.

Technical Difficulties
by Meowaffles

Hi. I'm currently experiencing a few connection issues but will be posting the new comic as soon as possible. Sorry for making everyone wait so long. '(o__o)'

It's over 1000!!! :)
by Meowaffles

This webcomic now has 1018 visits and 5834 pageviews!!!

Thanks everyone :)


The Ultimate Style
by Meowaffles

There is only one martial art style you can use to defeat all other styles. Yours.

Think about it. Why debate about which martial art style is better at something, which style lacks what techniques, or worst yet which style can beat what style? Train hard to be able to overcome all opposition and reach the pinnacle of your art... then, push that limit even further. If you really think your style is lacking at something, change it. Rather than being hindered by the limitations of an art, you should be creating your own methods and building a stronger martial art.

This is Kung Fu. This is how it changes and grows.

To cease to innovate in an art would be to allow it to stagnate and to demean the efforts of all those who built upon the art before you. More often than not, however, the average practitioner of the martial arts is not even at the level to be able to improve upon an art. So, work hard and practice relentlessly to be able to reach that level where you can clearly see what will work and what will not. Never make assumptions. Test your methods. Ground your work in reality and then make your opposition even harder than what you would probably encounter, taking into account all possibilities.

Sharpen the mind, strengthen the body, refine your technique and cultivate the spirit. Eventually you will become a paragon of your style and you will also have a style that is truly your own.